Old… and happy to be!

To claim that it is easy to grow old every day and to rejoice in it would be a bliss. pinel

PSYCHOLOGY – Old age is not always the shipwreck you think. Gérard, Marie-France, Nicole and André tell us about the privileges.

Gérard confesses it while laughing, he is “a bit macho”. So, at 83, he tries not to be overtaken on his bike by his companion, twenty springs younger than him. Admittedly, she pedals faster, but Gérard prefers not to stop at this minimal “disadvantage”. “Around me, many people have disappeared or are diminishedhe observes. I am aware that I have the privilege of still being there. So I take my age in derision by calling myself old and senile. Humor to defy the passage of time… In the eyes of Marie-France, 77, another resource makes it possible to approach old age more stoically: “I was brought up in a gay familyshe raises. My mother went through two world wars and despite that she remained optimistic. She died at age 75. I remember a fairly alert woman, never complaining. I inherited this temperament.

To be old and happy? Although it depends on many factors (income, health, lack of isolation, etc.)…

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