Oktoberfest returns to Munich


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Oktoberfest, the beer festival, returns to Munich, Germany. An institution in the country, which had to be canceled for two years because of the Covid-19. The festivities restarted on Saturday September 17, and will last until October 3.

In Munich (Germany), Oktoberfest, the beer festival, returned on Saturday September 17, after two years of absence due to Covid-19. The festivities will last until October 3. Here, beer is always served in chops one liter sold between 12.60 and 13.80 euros, an increase of 16% compared to the last edition in 2019. “I’m going to eat less, so the effect of the beer will come faster”, jokes a German. This year, no gauge or mandatory mask: there are no restrictions.

At least six million visitors are expected. A crucial event not only for brewers: there are attractions all over the city, and hundreds of street vendors. “Being among all these people, I missed it, it’s incredible”testifies a German. Over two weeks, the Oktoberfest contributed more than one billion euros in economic reward to Munich.

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