Oise associations looking for volunteers

“The situation is critical in the Oise, all associations, whether sporting or social, need volunteers. At the entrance to the first volunteer forum organized this Saturday in Chantilly for the associations of the Aire Cantilienne, Anne-Marie Hurlin, delegate for the Oise of the France Bénévolat association, does not seek to conceal the reality of the fabric departmental association. “There was a craze at the time of the war in Ukraine, many people came forward to help, but most did not want to make a long-term commitment. And with the Covid, some seniors have withdrawn into the family and the youngest now want to enjoy life. Even the people who come to our offices do not go through with the commitment process. »

For the first time, a volunteer forum took place this Saturday in Chantilly.

This will not be the case for Catherine, a resident of Lamorlaye, who came to the forum to seek information. “” I work in a paramedical profession, I have just recovered from a serious illness and I have always had empathy for the elderly, I come to the forum to find an association that could correspond to me. I have no I’m not afraid to make a long-term commitment, and I’ve kept one day off a week from my work.” Consciously, it’s difficult to find motivated people. A recent study by the France Générosité trade union points out that on a national scale, the percentage of French people affiliated with an association fell from 24% in 2019 to 20% in 2022. “We nevertheless felt a tremor in September, during the association forums in all the municipalities, where we received people who wanted to go further than simple contact”, hopes Anne-Marie Hurlin.

But over the years; Careers like that of Martine Canabate, head of the Oise Food Bank, are becoming extremely rare. She has just been decorated with the medal of Knight of the National Order of Merit on October 12th. ” I did not ask anything. It was the Federation that proposed me. I couldn’t refuse because I wasn’t looking for recognition, but it was an opportunity to showcase the association and its volunteers. Because in Compiègne as elsewhere, volunteers are lacking. “We need all profiles, because our positions are varied: pick-up assistance, driver-delivery person, administrative, IT, sustainable development, health and safety assistant, relationship manager with associations…”, lists the director who spends her days in the premises of the northern industrial zone of Compiègne. “I get involved because it’s worth it. Volunteering is being helpful to others. We help 12,000 people in need who belong to 37 associations. Last year, we distributed 2 million meals. And this year, the beneficiaries have increased again. »

Word of mouth got her to the Food Bank. “When the president left, no one came forward. I didn’t want the association to be placed under administrative supervision, so I took the plunge and I don’t regret it. Charles, 87 today, was already there. “He’s our oldest volunteer, but there are health issues. We see it less. We are thirty volunteers, three employees and a work-study contract. On request volunteers to be there at least one full day. You can also telecommute depending on the position. Martine Canabate’s next objective will be to find occasional volunteers for the major national collection to be held on November 25, 26 and 27 in supermarkets in the Oise. And perhaps beyond if affinities…

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