OGC Nice – FC Nantes: Kombouaré denounces “dishonest” arbitration and lies

Dirty Sunday for the referees in Ligue 1. After Jérémy Stinat, the director of the game of TFC – Strasbourg (2-2), vilified by the Alsatian coach Julien Stéphan, François Letexier and his colleagues took it for their rank at the from Nice – Nantes (1-1). And, as in Toulouse, it was a case of penalties that made Antoine Kombouaré unpin. The FCN technician accused the referees of the match against OGCN, who equalized on a disputed “peno” at the last second of added time, of having “lied” and of having been “dishonest”.

Kombouaré is also angry with referee François Letexier for not having whistled the penalty in the first period for a hand fault by Nice’s Mattia Viti, despite watching the VAR. Regarding this hand fault, the coach of the Canaries declares: “The referee told me: “I am in the process of” checking “. In his ear, the 4th referee said to him: “We have confirmation that the ball first touches the body [de Viti], then after the hand”. I said okay. »

The VAR in question

“But, at half-time, I went to review the images. It’s a lie, ”continued the Nantes coach. “You can’t lie that much. And, I hate liars, he continued. It’s dishonest, and I hate dishonest people.

Regarding the second action which leads to the penalty and the Nice equalizer, Kombouaré does not understand that the referee did not go to see the VAR: “He went there in the first half so as not to whistle the penalty. There, let him do the same! Especially at this point in the game.”

The coach of the Canaries specifies that he never exchanged then with François Letexier: “He did not want to discuss with me. That’s what saddens me. At halftime, I asked to be received. He didn’t want to and closed the locker room. At the end of the match, they locked themselves. In their positions, their decision. It’s like that. Afterwards, they shouldn’t be surprised that we no longer have confidence. It’s dishonesty. When people lie like that, you cannot accept”.

The Disciplinary Committee should not be idle in the days to come.

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