“Oceanides” in preview at the Brest Comics Meetings – Brest

The story of an album can be like that of a ship: it is sometimes a long-term adventure, where the crew faces the storm and where the boat takes on water before arriving safely. This is somewhat the case with “Océanides” which will be presented in preview this Saturday 17 and this Sunday 18 September 2022, for the 2022 Brest Comics Meetings, organized by the Brest en Bulle association, before its release. official in bookshops at the end of the month.

A provided crew

At the helm: Gwendal Lemercier and Gildas Java, and the project of a collection with a collective around the ocean to celebrate the maritime festivals of Brest. The idea approved, the 23 other members of the crew – composed of Ronan Toulhoat, Jean-Yves Mitton, Éric Rückstühl, Manu’art, Nicolas Hervoches, Pascal Bresson, Gwendolyn Levier, Vincent Pompetti, Tarek Ben Yakhlef, Christophe Le Galliot , Julien Delval, Mike Pencrec’h, Christophe Hénin, Janfi Demolder, Laurent Sieurac, Anne-Gaëlle Morizur, Grapho, Briac, Laurent Zimny, Malo Durand, Tazab, Laëtitia Rouxel and Pierre Malma – deposited, appointment was made with the partners of the Fêtes maritimes, on March 11, 2020, in order to hoist the mainsail and live this adventure to the fullest.

The bad news of containment

Only here, the next day, the first confinement linked to the covid-19 pandemic is announced. A tidal wave which brings in its wake the cancellation of the Maritime Festival. The “30 years” of the latter, called to be described in 2022, are then only a vague lapping perceptible only to a few initiates. The “Oceanides” project is about to drink the cup, its 15 “stories of the sea” adrift, without an official home port. And come what may. Crowdfunding is selected.

A salute due to the editor Locus Solus

Salvation finally comes from Locus Solus, already publisher of “Alias ​​Nemo”, by Gwendal Lemercier and Nicolas Hervoches. It is under their flag that the album becomes physical. The dreamy aquatic nymphs and other seasoned sailors come to life and color through four large chapters, which decline the boards like so many portolans describing the currents of the authors, with, on the horizon, the assurance of a volume 2 in 2024 , for the maritime festivals.


Océanides, 15 sea stories, published by Locus Solus (€29). Official release on September 30.

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