No to the euthanasia of the 780 bulls!

Victims of a diplomatic war, 780 cattle will be coldly slaughtered for unclear reasons.

“The French Ministry of Agriculture, quoted by the French press, said on Wednesday that these bulls had left Sète by boat and were stuck in the port of Algiers for more than two weeks.

The reason: An imbroglio on their health status with the Algerian authorities who have banned the landing of these cattle.

The cattle ship transporting the cattle weighed anchor on September 3 from the port of Hérault. Two days later, these bulls were banned from landing in Algeria. In question, a “difficulty of interpretation” on the health status of three animals”, explained the French Ministry of Agriculture.

The French side indicated that these bulls are healthy and had been vaccinated against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR). However, documents attached to their export certificate were marked “IBR positive” – falsely claiming to believe that they were carriers of the virus.

Despite a clarification provided by France, Algeria refused them entry into the territory “for regulatory reasons”, according to the French department of agriculture, adding that there was no breach of the French authorities on the export certificate”, which allowed their departure from Sète.

After “fruitless discussions”, said the same source, France decided to bring the boat back and slaughter these 780 animals, because, it was said, they had “been foddered with Algerian hay” when parked, fodder from a country where another animal disease – foot-and-mouth disease – is present.

The risk of contamination is “extremely minimal but cannot be ruled out”, according to the French ministry, which said to avoid the introduction of this disease on European soil.

The same source indicated that the return of the boat should take place ” by the end of the week “. The cattle will be examined by veterinarians and will not be “returned to the circuit of human consumption” once slaughtered.

For human error, 780 cattle must be sacrificed!

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