No, a boar didn’t sleep on a mattress in the city.

For two days a wild boar has been buzzing on Twitter. “It’s crazy when you reward that there was a boar who slept on a mattress in Aubervilliers mdr”, posted a user, photo in support. The animal seems very comfortably installed to take a nap, surrounded by rubbish.

“It’s crazy that these animals are even coming to cities now,” one netizen commented. Another took the liberty of criticizing the city, which sparked a debate in the comments: “It’s an open dump in this corner. “Except that these Internet users make mistakes on the location of the photograph. 20 minutes you explain.


A detail alerted some internet users. A quick observation of the bins placed behind the boar shows that the writing is not in French. Nor even the Latin alphabet that we use, since it is Hebrew. Obviously the inscriptions on the dustbins of Aubervilliers are not in Hebrew.

In reality, the shot was taken in the city of Haifa in Israel, part of which is wedged between the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Carmel National Park, where these wild animals live. A Times of Israel article dated March 14, 2021 already highlights this photo of a boar lying on a mattress, which had already made the rounds on social networks at the time.

Since 2019, the slaughter of wild boars by hunters has been prohibited there. With no natural predators in Haifa, their numbers have increased rapidly. Locals report that the animals have long entered the city at night in search of food and water. But they claim that over time they are settling more and more, blocking roads, digging up public gardens and overturning rubbish bins.

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