Nice: nearly 150 people at a white march for Zied, killed by the police after a refusal to comply

Nearly 150 people marched on the occasion of a white march, this Sunday, in the streets of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) in tribute to Zied, this 24-year-old young man killed by a police officer during a refusal to comply on September 7. They walked from the Madeleine district, where this Tunisian lived, to the courthouse, via the Promenade des Anglais.

The demonstration, to which the local left-wing citizens’ rally “Viva” had called to join, passed off peacefully. The participants, most dressed in a flocked white T-shirt with the message “Justice for Zied, an angel gone too soon”, marched for nearly two hours. At the head of the procession, Zied’s mother, dressed in black, thanked the demonstrators at the end of the march.

Many participants carried placards reading: “Never again”, “The police kill”, “France is not the United States” or even “the proud police have decided to reinstate the sentence of dead”.

Voices were raised to demand the banning of this demonstration, in particular that of the deputy LR of the Alpes-Maritimes Christelle d’Intorni, who feared a “climate of hatred and distrust” towards the police. Deputy LR Éric Ciotti, candidate for the presidency of the party, had followed suit.

Killed by police fire

On September 7, the young man was hit by police fire after refusing to comply. The author of the fatal shooting, a 23-year-old policeman, has since been indicted for “willful violence with a weapon resulting in death without the intention of giving it” and prohibited from carrying a weapon.

The victim, who was traveling that day in a stolen vehicle, had already been convicted several times, in particular for driving without a license, breaking the law on narcotics and theft and concealment of theft.

The young man was also suspected, in the context of another investigation, of having been one of the smugglers aboard a van carrying five migrants who had forced a checkpoint at the Franco-Italian border in mid-June, as The Parisian had revealed it. There followed a chase to Nice during which an Egyptian migrant was killed by police shooting who were trying to stop the van.

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