Neymar (Brazil) on Bolsonaro: “I am proud to support him”

Paris, Neymar reaffirmed his support for the far-right candidate, assuming his choice and even inviting the undecided to follow him on this path. “What motivated me to express my opinion are the values ​​that the President embodies, they are the same as me, those of my familyexplained the player. He defends the people, the children, the family… It’s important to position yourself. I also call on those who hesitate to do so, it’s a right, it’s important to express your values. I am proud to do that. »

“Bolsonaro re-elected and Brazil champion (of the world)! Everyone would be happy”

To justify his choice, the Parisian also explained that Bolsonaro had been present during the “ hardest time of his life” (the rape charges, in 2019). “He was the firsthe indicated. My heart told me to repay what he did back then. He believed in me. As I believe in him. He is the one we need to lead Brazil to better days. » Taking advantage of the support of the Brazilian star, followed by 180 million followers on social networks, Bolsonaro savored this moment which could mark a turning point in the campaign.

The former soldier took the opportunity to discuss his passion for the foot, for Palmeiras, for Jairzinho. Neymar, he played the game, he also admitted to being a fan of Alex’s Palmeiras before becoming Santista (Santos) and spoke of the ambitions of the Seleçao who will aim for a sixth star in a month, in Qatar. “Our team is well prepared, we’ve been working for eight years. We are ready, there are talented young people and a great union between us. Everything is in place for a great end and I hope the Cup will be in our hands. Bolsonaro re-elected and the champion of Brazil! Everyone would be happy »concluded Neymar who even promised to make the sign of 22 (Bolsonaro’s electoral code) to celebrate his first but during the World Cup.


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