News – Pet life and death

The current ban is based on 1963 case law based on the notion of the dignity of the dead. Olivier Falorni contests this interpretation. © Illustration SB

Will we soon be able to be buried with the cinerary urn of our cat or our dog? This is the subject of a bill by MP Olivier Falorni. Its review would have to wait because of a busy legislative calendar.

After his fight for euthanasia, this should give food for thought to the detractors of Olivier Falorni, accusing him of being more concerned about death than the life of his fellow citizens. He assures us that this is a subject concerning in a country where one in two families has at least one pet and that this does not prevent him from working on other subjects. The deputy for the first constituency of Charente-Maritime has just tabled a bill in early October aimed at allowing people to be buried with the ashes of their pet.

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