News | A pair of coffee swifts nests for the first time in France, in Corsica

By La Provence (with AFP)

A couple of coffee swifts, a distinct species of small birds that resemble swallows, nested for the first time in France, in Corsica, in July, announced Friday the regional natural park of Corsica (PNRC).

It is for many observers the ornithological event of the year 2022“, underlines on its Facebook page the park which ensures that “this discovery in Corsica is also a first in France“for this present species which had until been revealed, further north,”in the Iberian Peninsula“.

Adorned with a long forked tail, long narrow wings and endowed with a white throat and a white stripe at the base of the tail, the Coffee Swift (Apus Caffer by its scientific name) is about 14 cm tall and belongs to the Apodidae family, according to the site

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