Near Rouen. Her dog attacked by three american bullies: she gives the alert

Angèle’s dog (left) was attacked by American bullies (right) in Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville. (©DR and ©Adobe Stock)

The wounds of Mayayoung samoyed of 9 months, are impressive. Tuesday August 2, 2022, the dog was attacked by other dogs, american bullies, in Notre-Dame-de-Bondevilleclose to Rouen. Angèle, the owner of Maya, shocked and angry, wants alerter.

His dog attacked: “I had the fear of my life”

Still feverish after the long hours spent at the vet, Angèle recounts the violent attack suffered by her puppy the day before. “I went out Maya with my neighbor upstairs, on the promenade des Moulins à papier, along the Cailly,” she says. A usual walk for the owner of the samoyed.

“At the end of the walk, I saw some small dogs. With my neighbor, we called ours back, but I saw that three American bullies had nabbed Maya. There were crises so I ran,” continues Angèle. There she describes ” a crime scene “.

I couldn’t see Maya anymore because the dogs were on her. The masters shouted and hit their dogs. There was blood everywhere. I got the fright of my life.

AngelaOwner of Maya

Maya finally managed to get out and Angèle was able to catch up with her. “One of the bullies jumped on me,” she says, but she wasn’t hurt. And then ? “The owners of the bullies have not apologized, nothing. »

No complaint possible

The Samoyed suffers many deep wounds, jugular, eyelid, ear and mouth. But fortunately, his days are not a priori in danger. “She is recovering, she is strong”, breathes Angèle, for whom “even if Maya is disfigured, the priority is that she be alive”.

Angela wanted file a complaint but that was not possible. As we confirm from a judicial source, when a dog attacks another dog, it is the civil liability of the owner of the biting animal.

But Maya’s owner wants to alert. After sharing her story on social networks, she collected the testimony of a man who was allegedly attacked by a horde of dogs that could be the same, in the same place. “I want the owners to have the audacity to come see us, to send me a message to apologize. I don’t care if they reimburse the vet fees”, pleads Angèle, and to continue, fearing another attack:

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They have to realize that their dogs are dangerous.

AngelaOwner of Maya

American bullies, dogs categorized as dangerous?

Technically, American bullies are not reported in France as dangerous dogs. This recent breed is indeed not yet recognized in France and therefore does not (systematically) fit into the categories of dangerous dogs.

In fact, there are several very different morphologies in bullies, and, depending on the case, they can be designated as category 1 dogs, like American staff and pit bulls. To be configured (and to be in good standing), owners are encouraged to hold an American Bully pedigree and a diagnostic report showing that the morphological characteristics of the animal do not allow it to be considered as a 1st category dog.

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