Narbonne: the return of the starlings expected for this Monday

The municipality is organizing a scaring campaign to limit the damage to the city from these migratory birds.

And here are the starlings. End of summer obliges, and with the arrival of autumn, the migration of starlings from northeastern Europe to Spain and the western regions will begin. Several million of this species of bird will therefore fly over cities including Narbonne.

In order to improve the tranquility of the inhabitants but also to take care of the cleanliness of the streets, the direction of hygiene, safety and environmental health of the commune of Narbonne undertake from this Monday a new scaring campaign. This will be held initially from September 26 to 30 inclusive. “This is due to an untimely proliferation of starlings generating numerous droppings and various nuisances in public and private spaces” details in a statement from the City.

Falcons and Rockets

This 2022 campaign will be carried out by the service provider Eco-nuisibles as soon as night falls. This consisted of sending detonation rockets but also using falconry raptors. “The City of Narbonne apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this campaign” complete the town hall.

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