Naban editions presents us: Welcome to the café des chats, August 01, 2022

On the occasion of their anniversary this Sunday which celebrates their 3 years of existence, Naban editions have announced the arrival of a new title in their catalog: Welcome to the cat cafe.

This one-shot released in 2020 in Japan under the title Coffee to Neko no Kakurega after a pre-publication on the Manga Town platform of Futabasha editions, is signed Ikue Aizawaartist that the editor made us discover with Ask Modigliani.

Its release is scheduled for the month of November at a price of 9€90

Synopsis of the manga:

An employee in a hurry to finish his job walks into what he thinks is a traditional cafe. It’s actually a cat cafe. Confused at first, he sits down and a tomcat takes the opportunity to land on his lap. the employee then discovers that the time spent with a cat is not the same as real time and finally decides to indulge in daydreaming…


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