“My Simone must have been a little sedated”

Whether you’re a TV star or an anonymous, we love our dogs! And it’s not new, we knew it, Julien Courbet is a big animal lover. The one he particularly loves is Simone, his dog. On his Instagram account, the host shares almost exclusively the moments spent with this pretty beast with a black coat!

Julien Courbet loves showing Simone’s exploits in the city, in the countryside or even at sea. But now, today, the dog is not in great shape and her owner is worried. A great scare, as he explains on Twitter to his thousands of subscribers who follow him every day.

What happened to Simone to develop so much worry ? The journalist: explains My Simone had to be sedated a little for a check-up at the vet. She is recovering, nothing serious, it’s stress for us too! I stay next to her today. » If the scam specialist showed concern, it was only to make the review go as smoothly as possible. We are reassured!

Julien Courbet receives all the support of internet users

As the report Current wife, Internet users quickly mobilized to support their favorite host. ” Little angel, fortunately she is well offered this darling »Oh poor little Simone”Courage little Simone! »Like you say, much more stress when it comes to them than when it comes to us. Good luck to you and Simone. »

In the hours that followed this announcement and this disturbing photo of Simone not in very good shape, Julien Courbet wanted to reassure his audience. ” The vet (very, very nice by the way) told me ‘she would be in chaos tonight with her anesthesia’. He doesn’t know Simone. The stick no matter what! » Dogs are always full of surprisesespecially when it is to please their master!

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The host will once again be able to share the joys of life with his dog, his games, his walks… Julien Courbet found himself upset in 2021, following the disappearance of his dog Vega. It was with Simone that he had finally found a smile and a taste for life! It is a terrible ordeal to lose an animal.

It is without stress that the animator will be able to return to his role at the start of the school year, with many activities in sight, both at television than on the radio, if the rumors are to be believed! Julien Courbet fans rejoice in advance! After all, he is one of the favorite presenters of the French! And a hug to Simone!

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