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A seasoned trainer, Muriel Bec prefers the term specialist in staging or animal coach, less pejorative and rude, to evoke the profession she has been practicing for thirty-four years. In the cinema, the Frenchwoman has had her furry and feathered partners play, facing the camera, in more than a thousand films.

As a child, Muriel Bec fled her father’s anger and found refuge in the forest, thus discovering the power of nature. Soon, she collects all kinds of little survivors: birds fallen from the nest, lonely ducklings, orphan crows. At 10, she already knows how to feed and educate her charges. For this autodidact, the way is traced.

The cover of Muriel Bec’s book, “Animal(e)”. [Editions Kero]Forty years later and after studying ethology, among other things, she created the Domaine de Sury, near Montargis. In this new kind of Noah’s ark, around forty species live in harmony: cats, dogs, wolves, coatis, foxes, panthers, squirrels, wild boars, deer or even the latest arrival: Beybi, the elephant.

In her book “Animal(e)”, Muriel Bec shares her funny job and many filming anecdotes. Staging a deer, organizing a casting of spiders, filming a chase with a hen, so many challenges that she takes up with passion. “If there is indeed a part of training in my job, the term coach or animal director is more appropriate to my activity. Because I have to respond to the request of a director who will want an animal domestic or wild carries out a particular action”, estimates Muriel Bec, questioned by the RTS.

“You have to consider the animal with respect, like an actor”

For her, the animal is a vital link to the balance of the world, an ally. Whether we live in his company or work alongside him, we must look at him as he is, a unique, singular being endowed with sensitivity. The observation and understanding of animals are the basis of Muriel Bec’s work. “You have to consider the animal with respect, like an actor, put it at ease, not have to tirelessly repeat an action (…). The most complicated thing is to say stop to a director, to anticipate before the animal is fed up with redoing a scene”, explains the self-taught Frenchwoman who resumed her job by chance thanks to the meeting of an animal trainer for the cinema.

His skills and experience have been put to use by the biggest names in directing, for TV shows, commercials, photography, events, plays, operas and live performances on a scale. international. In 2005 for the film “Aurore” by Niels Tavernier, she “hires and prepares” fifty hounds, ten horses and a falcon. Muriel Bec specialized in cinema and worked on feature films such as “On the Marsupilami trail”, “Santa et cie” or “L’école buissonnière”. She is currently working on director Albert Dupontel’s next film.

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Muriel Bec, “Animal(e)”, Kero editions.

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