MRI for animals: the start-up HawkCell displays its ambitions

Over the past 7 months, the Lyon-based start-up HawkCell has matured its positioning. In addition, the arrival last February of a new CEO, Alexis Girin, has enabled the company founded by Hugo Dorez and current scientific director, to be part of a growth dynamic with the development of contractual licensing models, particularly for the veterinary sector and preclinical research.

HawkCell forges partnerships with world leaders inIBD by positioning itself as a strategic partner, opening up to them the imaging market foranimal. The start-up is already displaying its international ambitions with new contracts being signed in England and Australia, among others.

MRI for animals: HawkCell wants to become a leader

“Our goal is to develop predictive algorithms for the effectiveness of a molecule or a medical device on targeted pathologies, particularly in oncology. Ultimately, it is a question of significantly reducing the number of animals in laboratory”explains Hugo Dorez, CSO and Founder.

Becoming a leader in medical imaging for animals is the stated ambition of HawkCell, which operates in a powerful global industrial environment where major players such as Siemens and General Electric are present.

“Our work focuses primarily on improving the quality of images while using acquisition times: a neural network approach makes it possible to reconstruct high quality images, without worrying about the time constraints normally imposed by machine”says Valentina Curcio, director of the Big Data team at HawkCell.

This big data approach is at the heart of a sharp strategy with a view to raising funds announced for the beginning of 2023. “Between 5 and 10 million euros”Alexis Girin project.

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