MotoGP Tests Misano LIVE: live events are here! Bagnaia in front of four other Ducati, Quartararo is happy with the new Yamaha engine

It’s off to the first of two days of IRTA MotoGP testing at the Misano circuit, a track that hosted the San Marino Grand Prix last weekend, won by Pecco Bagnaia by a fraction ahead of the other Ducati from Enea Bastianini, his future 2023 teammate in the factory team. From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (break from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.), we inform you of the latest events on the shores of the Adriatic, starting with this one…

It is GPOne which reveals itself, with an illustration of its own, the arrival of Monster on the fairing of the Ducati red. The energy drink can therefore be found both on official Italian machines and on Yamaha factory.

This first day of testing is of course marked by the return of Mark Marquez on the RC213V…

The start of the work is the prerogative of Aprilia with Maverick Vinales and Lorenzo Savadori. The first city puts the mark at 1’34.964. Savadori took the lead, 1:34.963. Still little action on the track. There are 25° in the air and 24° on the runway.

Hard blow for Honda: there will be no Pol Espargaro wrist injury in Sunday’s Grand Prix. On the other hand, we note the presence of Dominique Agerter which will make its debut in the category on the official Suzuki GSX-RR…

Seat fitting Monday: Domi Aegerter in the Suzuki box

Domi Aegerter today on the Suzuki

Bradl improves with the second time to 1.3 of Vinales. TOP 5: Vinales, Bradl, D. Binder, Savadori and A. Espargarò. Pedrosa is also on the track with the KTM. Vinales lowers his time to 1:32.812. Brad Binder move into second position, 6 tenths behind Vinales

Behind the scenes are also agitated and this news concerns a Remy Gardner in the tournament. He posted a message on his social network not giving reason to his father Wayne who pointed the finger at the management made by his manager. ” I’m really sorry about Wayne Gardner’s proposals to meet my manager Paco Sanchez. Paco is not responsible for my exit from KTM and I have developed confidence in his professionalism and honesty. Together we will find a new project to continue enjoying this sport that I love so much”. But how can the Australian keep his composure on the bike. And will he finish the season?

MotoGP, Remy Gardner responds to his father Wayne:

And here is the long-awaited moment! Marc Marquez on track! He starts in eighth position.

Here are the photos taken on site by our special correspondent.


Mark Marquez improve with the third beat. With almost eight tenths of a second behind. Nine drivers are on the track.


It’s 10 a.m. After an hour of exercise, here is the TOP 10: Oliveira, Rins, B. Binder, Viñales, Quartararo, Bradl, M. Marquez, A. Marquez, Morbidelli and D. Binder.

Other exclusive shots…

Fabio Quartararo takes the lead in 1’32.400. Ultimately, Pol Espargaro throws himself into battle despite his sore wrist…

His older brother Aleix Espargaro passes the lead with 1′ 32.369.

Dovizioso is a retiree, but he is testing… A helmet Alpinestars !

At the house of Hondawe work…

But the event, that remains with Honda

Vinales leads the session with 1’31.774. TOP 10: Vinales, A.Espargarò, Quartararo, Bastianini, Rins, Morbidelli, Martin, Di Giannantonio, B. Binder and P.Espargarò. Eleventh Bezzecchi, then Oliveira, Zarco, Fernandez, M.Marquez, Miller, A.Marquez, Bagnaia, Gardner, Bradl, Savadori, D. Binder, Nakagami, Marini, Pedrosa, Pirro and Aegerter.

Yamaha works with six motorcycles. Four 2022 M1s and one 2023 prototype each for Quartararo and Morbidelli. The Japanese team will also work on aerodynamics with updated fairings and fenders.

At the house of Suzuki there are still new things coming out…

Two hours after the start of the events, the classification sees Vinales in front of everyone with 1’31.774

Marc Marquez seems happy with his reunion with the RC213V…

At the house of Hondait’s the feeling: we clearly take the Aprilia RS-GP as a base…

The newcomer to the band Dominique Aegeter commented on his big debut on the Suzuki in MotoGP: this is great news for me, and certainly a great opportunity. To be able to ride for the Suzuki factory team and test this bike is a dream. I am very happy and would like to thank everyone who made this possible. I also thank my Supersport team, Ten Kate, who allowed me to take this opportunity. Riding a factory MotoGP is something I’ve always wanted to do “.

MotoGP 2022. The gift for Dominique Aegerter?  try a motorcycle that goes to the attic

Dovizioso still testing the famous helmet…

12:30 p.m. TOP 10: Viñales, Quartararo, P. Espargarò, Bastianini, Bagnaia, A.Espargarò, Martin, Rins, Di Giannantonio and Bezzecchi. From 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. the pilots will stop for the lunch break.

Eleventh Morbidelli ahead: Marini, B. Binder, Zarco, Oliveira, M.Marquez, Miller, A.Marquez, Fernandez, Nakagami, Pirro, Bradl, Gardner, D. Binder, Pedrosa, Savadori, Aegerter and Dovizioso.

Another image of the new Honda opus whose swingarm is of Kalex origin…

The new Kalex swingarm was well camouflaged by HRC

Halftime is whistled for a rest of one hour. The best time is the prerogative ofAleix Espargaro in 1’31.531. From this part of the exercise, we will retain the six M1s in the box Yamaha and an opus Honda inspired by Aprilia that Mark Marquez had the pleasure of riding. See you at 2:00 p.m. for the rest of the events.

Here we go again ! Fabio Quartararo sets a new benchmark in 1’32.622. Mark Marquez one does a total of 39 laps until the lunch break, set his best time on his 28th lap with a 1’32.395, a better time than any Honda in last Saturday’s Q1 at Misano, when his brother Álex set the fastest lap among HRC riders in 1’32.631. For now, the eight-time world champion is the second-best Honda on track on Tuesday preceded only by his teammate Pol Espargaro.

At the house of Aprilia we’re getting back to it too.


Fabio Quartararo is alone on the track and sets a new best time in 1’31.990. Here are some snapshots of what’s new Honda.

One hour after resuming the lunch break, Mark Marquez did not resume the trail.

The news falls: Marc Marquez will not participate this afternoon. He will be back tomorrow morning :

Suzuki also stops, as Andrea Dovizioso.

TOP 10 at 3:30 p.m.: Quartararo, A.Espargarò, Nakagami, Marini, Di Giannantonio, A.Marquez, Fernandez, Oliveira, Pedrosa and Bastianini.

4:00 p.m. Two hours before the end of the tests. TOP 10: Quartararo, Marini, Bastianini, Bezzecchi, Vinales, A.Espargarò, B. Binder, Bagnaia, A.Marquez and Nakagami.

5 p.m.: TOP 10: Bagnaia, Martin, Quartararo, Bastianini, Marini, Vinales, Bezzecchi, Zarco, A.Espargarò, Morbidelli. Eleventh Pol Espargaró, then B. Binder, Di Giannantonio, Fernandez, A. Marquez, Nakagami, Miller, Oliveira, Pedrosa, Gardner, Pirro, Savadori, Bradl and D. Binder.

Checkered flag: it is Pecco Bagnaia who takes the bet. Fabio Quartararo a comment : ” this morning we tested a new frame and did a comparison with two sets of tires. I felt good, we are taking it to Aragon but I don’t know if I will use it. We tried the first 2023 prototype of the engine and I liked it. For the first time, I saw the speed increase. We are on the right path. Marquez’s return? Marc is a phenomenon, we shot three days here, he arrives and does 1,32,395. Mad “.

Francesco Bagnaia snatched the best time on Tuesday Photo credit: LAT Images

Misano Test J1: lap times


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