MotoGP Malaysia J3 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha/3): “I’m going to prepare like crazy”, etc. (Entirety)

This Sunday, October 23, 2022, Fabio Quartararo answered questions from the site and then from journalists from the Sepang circuit at the end of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

After a fall in FP4 and a difficult qualification, the Frenchman produced an extremely valiant performance, starting 12th to finish 4th in the middle of the Ducati!

As usualwe report here his words without any formatting, even if it is translated from English.

The main mission was to stay in the fight for Valencia, right?
Fabio Quartararo : “ Yes, I hope it wouldn’t be Pecco’s victory, of course, but at least we gave our all today. The departure was the key point, [et] the first tour. We changed the strategy a bit from Australia when I wanted to keep the tire fresh for last. Today I just pushed pretty hard at the start because our bike isn’t super good at saving tire so I had to push for three or four laps until I was ahead of Marc so it was quite good and I’m happy to get this result today. »

The late braking in the first corner was the key…
Yeah, and I saw that Pecco was really good in the first braking zone, so I said, “I have to do something”, because otherwise my title shot is gone, and I made a great first lap. Even though now we were super far, I don’t give up, and I want to finish in a good way in Valencia. »

Was it difficult to keep Bezzecchi behind, given that an overtake would have made Bagnaia the champion?
At the end he was a second and a half away then he came back to within three or two tenths of me but I pushed like a mad cuz first of all I knew if he passed me and Pecco won, he would have been world champion. But above all, I wanted a podium and I knew that if he passed me, I couldn’t pass him in return. So, we’ll see how we’ll handle it, but I’m pretty happy to at least bring the mystery to Valencia. »

How did your broken finger happen in class?
It was not a big fall, but a stupid fall. It was a normal fall but I broke my finger and of course it was really painful but luckily Angel (Charte) took care of me yesterday afternoon so I want to ask. Of course, adrenaline is a great painkiller and also fights for this kind of position. I think my finger was something else but as soon as I stopped, now I feel pain in my finger. It doesn’t matter because we gave it our all and that’s what we wanted today. »

How do you feel about going to Valencia?
I will prepare like crazy because I know the only solution for me to fight there will be to win. So it doesn’t matter, but I want to enjoy the Valencia race because I know it’s the last of the season, and then we’ll see how we come out of it. But I feel that we have to take advantage of the Valencia race. »

We assume that you have calculated what position you should reach to keep the championship open until Valencia…
Well, to be honest, I wasn’t calculating too much: Since Pecco was P1, I had to do my best to at least try to follow. In the end, at some point in the race, I think I was able to stay closer but I was really really on the limit with the tires during the last two laps, with the front, with the rear, and everywhere . So I decided to slow down a bit during the last two laps, but it was a really good race. »

When Marco Bezzecchi got closer, were you thinking more about not being overtaken or not losing distance on the two boys in front?
You know, of course, I saw that Bezzecchi was coming up, but I also wanted to go up Pecco and Enea. I was already driving at the limit: Of course I tried not to burn the tire but I pushed hard. Marco caught me but I was at the limit. When he got to two or three tenths of me, I was pushing hard but I think that in the end having saved the tire a little bit helped me. My goal was to stay as close to the front group as possible. »

If you had to be a monster in Valencia, who would you be?
I know it but I keep it to myself (laughs). »

When you saw Francesco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini go away, did you try to catch them?
Of course, I wanted to catch up with them (laughs)! But at the end, in the last two laps, I was at the limit and way too far to catch them so I decided to calm down a bit, because I had locks in the front and slides in the front. back on the angle everywhere. So I decided to slow down a bit, but of course my goal was to get as close to them as possible. »

Marco Bezzecchi caught you in the middle of the race. Perhaps you were too conservative in the first part of the race?
No, I was not conservative! I just attacked the whole race and also caught Pecco and Enea because I saw they were fighting together, and it was a long attack. My pace was quite good and I also think that Marco burned his tire a bit at the start, since at the end he was quite far behind. But yes, I pushed hard, knowing that I tried to save at least a bit of tire for the end. »

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