MotoGP Aragon: for how long will we watch the riders’ suit open without saying anything?

In Aragon, when Fabio Quartararo had his heavy fall after holding Marc Marquez down, his suit opened up once he was on the ground. A serious situation clearly indicates the integrity of the pilot in great danger and it is all the more unbearable that this type of event is repeated a little too often. No one talks about it, an assuring silence on a real security issue. Will it take a drama to finally question these real problems of closure?

Fabio Quartararo doesn’t fall often, but when he does, statistically he has more trouble with his Alpinestars suit than the others. And one day we will have to be told why. In the race, last year, its leather opened at the end of the race in Catalonia. He finished his ordeal like this and he was penalized for it. Fortunately, he did not have an accident during these laps accomplished with the torso in the air.

jorge martin

Why does the pilot suit now open too often?

A Assenthis season, the airbag of the combination of Fabio Quartararo did not trip on his second fall which led to his retirement. The Frenchman had a sore shoulder, but he was not seriously injured. And then there is this accident in Aragon where you can clearly see Fabio Quartararo in great danger with his suit open as he rolls down the track. It will be recalled that the pilot Yamaha was taken to the Alcañiz medical center because of the burns he suffered on his chest dragging his body on the asphalt.

But the open combinations are not only about the tricolor. In Austria, that of jorge martin opened up and he was able to race without ever being penalized. A Silverstonewhen Aleix Espargaro found himself knocked down after being ejected from his Aprilia, his leather was open. Why ? What happens with the closure of wetsuits? Is it the airbag pressure? We lose ourselves in conjectures, because there is never an answer. Only one certainty: the pilot is in danger in these configurations.

Aleix Espargaro

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