more than 1,000 euros fine for British owners

Dogs that are too noisy: more than 1,000 euros in fines for British owners

Please don’t let your dog bark!

In Great Britain, owners are now warned. They face a fine of up to 1,000 pounds if they let their animals disturb the tranquility of neighbors.

One week to stop noise pollution

As Wales Online reveals, a woman from the town of Derby had her pet seized after months of “excessive barking and howling”.

Her dog’s behavior harmed the mental health and well-being of neighbors. Earlier in the year, this woman had already been fined and at the time admitted that she could not manage her animal.

According to current legislation, in the event of complaints from neighbours, a landlord has one week to try to resolve the noise nuisance after a report has been drawn up. If the situation does not improve, he faces a fine of up to 110 pounds.

A sum that can climb to 1,000 pounds in the event of non-payment and lead to legal proceedings.

A fine of 450 euros in France

In France, excessive dog barking can be reported as abnormal neighborhood disturbances. As the government site explains, the owner can be declared responsible.

According to the legislation, the fine for noise pollution due to the incessant barking of a dog can climb to 450 euros.

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