Montpellier high school students donate nearly 9,000 euros to the Red Cross

With pride and emotion, 70 students from the Joffre high school in Montpellier presented a check for 8,876.76 euros to the Hérault Red Cross, the fruit of the sales of their magazine “Stars and High School Students” closed during the Covid-19 confinements. “At the start, it was just an article that we had to think about to reflect our state of mind during this difficult period. And it became a publication! explains Luka Labesse, a final year student. For this initiative, the high school students will receive on July 2 the prize for civic education by the members of the national order of merit.

“The quality and importance of the work they have provided has fueled this project on a positive vision of the Covid experience”, continues Patrick Loubatière, the French teacher at the initiative of “Stars and High School Students” whose 1000 copies have been snapped up, in Montpellier, but also in Belgium, Germany, the United States and even New Zealand.

Personalities from the world of culture

The students met personalities from the world of culture: Jean-Jacques Goldman, Francis Cabrel, Patrick Bruel, Julien Clerc, Sophie Marceau. These stars have engaged in text analyzes of their songs.

Starting with the mythical and mute Jean-Jacques Goldman, who responded to the request for an interview by email before granting an interview in Marseille in March: “A long unforgettable moment for the five students of which I am one who had this chance to spend an hour and a half with him, says Victoria Fouqueray-Ruiz, soon to be 17 years old. We talked about music, songs, his relationship with fame, the relationships we could have with our parents, the relationships he himself has with his children. It was very rich, engraved for life in my memory. »

“It’s the fulfillment of my high school years”

“I had the chance to meet Julien Clerc and Patrick Bruel for real conversations, continues Eva Legoff. With Julien Clerc, on a fabulous past. We stayed much longer than expected. It’s the fulfillment of my high school years. »

Funny of this beautiful story, this magazine acclaimed by its (rare) readers (1000 copies) has become collector and impossible to find. “We are launching pre-orders on our website for a reprint”, promises Patrick Loubatière, the magician teacher who has transformed confinements and viruses into a beautiful story of high school life.

To pre-order: [email protected]

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