Montgesty. A national exhibition and competition of truffle dogs

On August 6, the Lot canine is organizing a truffle dog competition for the first time in Montgesty. Saturday and Sunday, the Culture and Leisure Montgestycoise association organizes an exhibition on the truffle fairs of yesteryear and on this occasion, the canine of the Lot joins it Saturday morning with a superb animation: a national competition of truffle dogs.

Throughout the morning, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., an evening of dogs of all breeds from all over France will seek to obtain the best score in order to qualify to participate in the next French championship.

This digging contest consists of looking for truffles buried in a field. From now on, the regulation allows to bury a lure soaked in special oil with the smell of truffles. Thanks to this new method, around twenty selective digging competitions take place throughout the year, culminating in the finals: French Cup and championship.

Six lures buried the day before are scattered in a square of 5 mx 5 m. The dog has 8 minutes to discover them. Sanctions are applied if there is a marking without truffle or a re-marking on a truffle already lifted. Currently the best time to get all six truffles out is 38 seconds.

The dogs must be very fast, but the masters too because when the dog has marked the place where the truffle is with a kick, the master must dissuade it and carry it in the basket of the person placed in edge of the field to receive this precious jewel. The complicity between the master and his dog is essential for the best possible understanding and complicity. All LOF dogs (registered in the book of French origins) and non-LOF dogs can participate in this competition, provided they belong to a canine club or canine association. The best welcome will be reserved for all spectators during this competition which will take place from 9 am to 12 pm.

Information from Julien Gomez, president of the Canine du Lot on 06 70 66 25 83.

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