Montbard. Diderot schoolchildren made aware of blood donation

Raising children’s awareness of the importance of blood donation from an early age is a stated objective of the French Blood Establishment (EFS), volunteers and all those sensitive and concerned by blood donation. It is with this in mind that the Association for Voluntary Blood Donation of Montbard has been organizing regular workshops in schools for the past two years. Tuesday, October 18, it was at the Diderot school that César Roman, president of the Amicale, and his team came to raise awareness among the 26 schoolchildren in the CM1-CM2 class. “We bring important and playful knowledge to our little messengers,” said César Roman. The idea being that these schoolchildren are both the donors of tomorrow, but also the promoters of blood donation with their families.

PRACTICAL The next blood drive will be held on Wednesday October 29 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Espace Paul-Éluard in Montbard.

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