Monkeypox: China advises not to touch… foreigners

La “zero Covid” policy soon to be applied for the monkeypox epidemic? According to CNN, the day after the first case of monkeypox was discovered on Chinese soil, one of the most senior public health officials in China called for no “skin-to-skin contact with foreigners”. . And for good reason, according to this same official, the ultra-strict health policy in force in China would have “so far prevented the spread of monkeypox, until a case slips through the cracks. “.

Posted on social networks, this recommendation drew widespread criticism. Some users of the Chinese Weibo platform denounce a measure without “scientific basis”. According to the same user, “it’s a bit like during the pandemic [de Covid-19, ndlr] ordered and that some people overseas avoided any Chinese people they saw out of fear”. Note, however, that other Chinese have retained, on this same platform, a measure of “common sense” and “reasonable”, as reported by CNN.

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This digital division illustrates, however, a certain fatigue on the part of Chinese inhabitants after more than two years of pandemic. And for good reason, since the spring of 2020, periods of confinement have followed one another. One of the economic lungs of the country, Shanghai, had been confined just four days after the authorities publicly dismissed such a measure.

Revealing a certain unease in the Chinese population, the question of the “trust” placed in the authorities is raised by some nationals. “After the way the Covid-19 pandemic has been brought under control, can you still trust him? “And another to complete:” We will wear masks [chirurgicaux, ndlr] to avoid catching Covid, but we will not refuse to go out, ”wrote another.

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