Miscellaneous – Justice | Avignon: narcotics, weapons, dogs and parrot seized

The departmental security police, used to seizing narcotics in the Crillon district, behind the TGV station, carried out a new operation on Tuesday in this sector. Assisted by firefighters, police officers from the Bac and GDI investigation services took over the area. This time, a modest plantation was discovered: 15 cannabis plants supported the equivalent of 3 kg of herbal cannabis in the process of drying. The retail value of the 5 kg is around €30,000. During the operation, seven hunting weapons were unearthed in prefabs as well as a stolen motorcycle.

In addition, five protected birds, abandoned without water or food, were seized in the bungalow where the two kilos of grass were drying: a gray parrot from Gabon and four goldfinches. Two dogs tied to a chain, also without water or food, were found by the police in a nearby field. The animals, completely malnourished, waded through their excrement. The dogs were stationed right next to the cannabis plantations and were apparently tasked with detecting intruders who entered either the old cannabis plantation or the wild auto junkyard.

The canine unit which took part in the operation immediately rescued the two dogs by giving them something to eat and drink. All the animals were seized, then evacuated to a veterinarian and will be referred to animal protection structures. As for the police, they are continuing their investigation to identify the owners and bring them to justice with regard to all the offenses noted.

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