Millas drama: but why are the victims accompanied by dogs?

The Millas accident trial opened on Monday, September 19 before the Marseille Criminal Court, five years after a tragedy that moved the whole of France: six schoolchildren died and 17 were injured in the collision between a car school and a TER train, at a level crossing, on December 14, 2017 in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Two Labradors will also be present in the courtroom. On you why explain.

Furballs on all fours in a courtroom, that has something to challenge. Indeed, two dogs accompany the civil parties during the trial of the drama of Millas, which opened this Monday, September 19 in Marseille. Their presence is planned for four days, “see more if necessary”, details France Blue.

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What are these Labradors doing in the hearing?

In fact, these two assistance dogs for victims, two labrados, are made available by the associations Handi’chiens and France victims 66 and have been specially dressed to support victims and to facilitate free speech. Among other things, they are there as “psychological support”. These faithful companions are there to “reassure” the children, but also to try to relax the atmosphere a little. Their presence makes it possible in particular to detect people in distress, detail our colleagues from The Independent.

“Victims who request it could ask for it when testifying, explains Marie Guillaume, director of Avad, an association to help victims. It is possible to pet the dog, to hold it against you or to put your head on it. on his knees”, specifies Olivier Leurent, president of the judicial court of Marseilles in France Blue.

This practice has already proven itself during the previous trial, in particular in Marseille, in June 2022, as the report The world. the presence of the animal, Rancho, dressed for this purpose, had indeed helped, Wednesday, June 29, a victim of sexual abuse to testify at the bar during a public hearing.

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