Mikel Arteta (Arsenal): “It’s all our fault”

Mikel Arteta (Arsenal manager, held in check by Southampton 1-1): “There is nothing to complain about. It’s soccer. And I think we were very good in the first half, totally controlling the game and creating big chances that we didn’t put in the bottom. And in the Premier League, unfortunately, when you don’t do that, when you’re at the top of the game, you can pay the price.

In second (period), we had some difficulties. I think we are put off by the number of ball losses we had, especially in the position which did not allow us to control the game as we wanted. Then, the direct game, the long passes and the imposed game disrupted the game a lot. We tried to react after the 1-1 and I still think the two biggest chances were ours in the second half, but we didn’t realize them.

We have the same (crew) that we had a month ago, two days ago, and that we will have next week. So I don’t like to find excuses. I think in the second half we assume we can play a lot better and win the game a lot more comfortably. And we didn’t. And it’s entirely our fault with the game we had. »


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