Meat and machismo: hunters singled out in a new Ifop study

Ifop carried out a study, the results of which it published yesterday on social networks, and the least we can say is that hunters are clearly singled out as big machos or even potential rapists.

It is through a study entitled “Survey on the relationship to gender and politics of meat lovers” that we find different questions that parallel the consumption of meat and the adoption of sexist behavior.

If in the beginnings of the study, it is easy to understand that the figures obtained from the sample which was surveyed from September 5 to 7, 2022 by self-administered questionnaire online, some pages are perplexing with regard to the freshness information and its accuracy.

This is particularly the case of a page concerning hunters:

IFOP study for DARWIN NUTRITION carry out by self-administered questionnaire online from September 5 to 7, 2022 with a sample of 2,033 men, representative of the French male population aged 18 and over”

Regarding the share of hunters who were questioned, it is total vagueness. How many of the 2033 men in the sample are hunters, former hunters or non-hunters?

Then if we look at the annotations between the questions, we can read references which correspond to the manifesto to previous studies which have been taken up to justify the figures indicated: IfopShe 2019, IpsosTraumatic memory 2016, INEDFamily 2013, Eurobarometer and EVS 2018.

Sources dating from 2013 are cited, however it is unlikely to come out with representative trends of a subject that has evolved as much in society as that of respect for women in 2022.

In addition, there are no traces of the number of hunters questioned out of the total sample either if we look for the reports of previous studies likely by Ifop in which the information relating to the hunters in this study is included, such as :

Moreover, there does not seem to be a line concerning the hunters in these two investigation reports.

Several Internet users on social networks are also wondering where exactly these figures come from, which state that hunters are “much more imbued with gender stereotypes than non-hunters”:

Obviously, it would be good if Ifop could clarify its methodology and the figures published this week.

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