Mbappé would have lied in his last update!

Faced with the various rumors that were becoming hot, and in particular that of his desire to leave displayed to pack his bags from January, Kylian Mbappé tried to restore the situation on Sunday evening at the Parc des Princes. On the sidelines of the meeting between PSG and OM, Bondy’s crack took the floor to put things right.

“I never asked for my departure in January. The info that came out on the day of the match, I did not understand. I am not directly or indirectly involved in this information. We were flabbergasted when we found out. Afterwards, we have to deal with it, we had a game to play. I just wanted to say that it is completely false, I am very happy here. »

The Mbappé clan was aware of the release of the scoop

An attempt to put out the fire which is not completely successful since the media which revealed Kylian Mbappé’s desire to leave maintain their information. Worse, in the columns of the Team of the day, a lie of Bondy’s crack is even singled out. While the player assured that the Mbappé clan was “stunned” when he learned of the bomb unveiled last Monday, Marca journalist Mario Cortegana, who was among those who dropped the scoop, assures that Bondy’s crack entourage was fully aware, in advance, of these revelations.

“I think it’s a strategy to restore the general well-being at PSG and his own. He was overwhelmed by the media whirlwind and it’s not the ideal climate for him to play football. But I stand by my information. Especially since his entourage knew that I was going to publish it. »

to summarize

Last Sunday evening, Kylian Mbappé wanted to put things right on his future. But among some strong words of Bondy’s crack, some would be wrong. His entourage was actually fully aware of the scoop to come.

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