Mazamet. Dogs: beware of thoughtless purchases!

“Acquiring a dog always represents a change in lifestyle, explains Sylvie, member of the Chow animal protection association at heart. It will be necessary to socialize it, take time for it, or many people imagine that living with a dog means feeding it and opening the door for its needs.”

Reckless purchases, particularly concerning this breed with a haughty character, are therefore legion. “Cohabiting with a chow does not come down to cohabiting with a hunting dog or a sheepdog, insists Sylvie. Each breed has its specificities. Careless purchases concerning health: because of bad choices made by breeders, more based on questionable aesthetics than on joint health…”

You should know that 60% of animals will one day experience abandonment for various reasons. “Some couples entrust us with their dog, which they nevertheless love, because taking care of it jeopardizes the household finances. We are talking about thousands of euros. Both members of the couple must agree to sacrifice the pleasure budget in the care of the dog.” The association is looking for adopters who have the means to open their hearts to them, whatever their faults, their past, their age. “When you love a chow once in your life, found Sylvie, you never change race again because the complicity with a chow is exceptional. A chow makes life more beautiful.”

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