Marseille: the “boa” seen in a park is in fact a grass snake

What appeared to be a boa constrictor is actually a grass snake. The animal had been seen in a park in the city of Marseilles last Sunday.

A certain resemblance. “Life will be able to resume at Parc Pastré”, announces Jean-Pierre Cochet, Deputy Mayor of Marseille in charge of civil security and risk management. And for good reason, the legless animal which had been described as a boa constrictor, at first, “turned out to be a snake”.

Last Sunday, teams from the City of Marseille were on site to try to find the animal, which they thought was a boa. Namely that this breed of reptile can measure between 1.50 and more than 4 meters.

The city had therefore appealed for the greatest vigilance, while the sector had been squared to find the snake.

Finally, Jean-Pierre Cochet reassured, on the same day, that “the snake is more in line with their latitudes”, before congratulating the teams “for their mobilization”, and claiming the Marseillais to have had “the good reflex to call Allô Mairie”.

Although there are poisonous snakes whose bite is unpleasant, they are generally harmless to humans.

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