Marne: injured in the heat wave, he is discovered after spending three days stuck in his car

He must have counted every minute, found every endless hour. A 26-year-old young man experienced the nightmare of all motorists driving alone in the forest. Wednesday June 15, while driving in a Renault Mégane, between the municipalities of Saint-Martin-d’Ablois and Leuvrigny, in the Marne, he tries to avoid an animal when he leaves the road , rapporteur our colleagues from The Union.

For three days and three nights, in the middle of a heat wave, this supermarket employee remains stuck in his car, prisoner of the carcass which has stopped 20 m from the road. If the road is busy, his vehicle is systematically invisible in the middle of the shrubs. The lack of a telephone network to call for help makes the situation worse.

He would not have survived another day, according to the rescue

The only positive point in this stressful situation: a bottle of water that he has at hand. She may have saved his life. Just like this lumberjack who, on Saturday, while looking for one of his colleagues in the forest, moves in slow motion and hears his cries for help.

While contacting the emergency services, he recognizes the son of his neighbors who reported his disappearance to the gendarmes, well disarmed to launch the search, to continue the regional daily newspaper. They did not know if he was on foot or with his vehicle, the investigation promised to be tedious. They were about to launch a call for witnesses.

After 1h30 of rescue operations made complicated by sandy soil, the man was extricated and evacuated to Reims hospital in a state of absolute emergency. His days are no longer threatened, but one more day in this trap and he would not have survived, according to the rescuers who took care of him. Rescuers to whom he owes his life, as well as to his mind, his water bottle, and his hero lumberjack.

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