Marion Rousse a crush

The director of the Tour de France women experienced with some emotion the end of the Grande Boucle at the Super Planche de Belles Filles.

Marion Rousse had every reason to rejoice on Sunday at the finish of the women’s Tour de France. For its big return to the calendar, the Grande Boucle has indeed been a great success. The popular success will never be denied during the eight days of racing as evidenced by the crowd present at the edge of the roads and the TV audience cards.

By her own admission, the director of the Tour de France will have been overwhelmed by emotion when crossing the finish line. It was great. To be honest with you, I shed a few tears when I passed the summit finish at the top of the Super Planche des Belles Filles and saw everyone on the side of the roads. We say to ourselves that we have been able to do something quite exceptional »she thus named at the microphone of France Télévisions.

“It was just great, we had an incredible week”she added, settling to take advantage of the moment: I think we don’t yet realize what we’ve done, it will take us a few days to realize. I was backstage with Van Vleuten, Vos and other girls, and everyone, at all levels of the race, is happy. If there was one thing to change? There, I don’t at all want to think about what to change. Above all, we must savor what we have succeeded in doing. It was a great show every day, and the organization was also great. The ASO teams really treated this Tour as a real Tour de France. We will take stock in a few days, but the base is very solid. Can not wait for next year. »

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