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The leader of the RN group at the Assembly has an excuse of her own to skip the meetings that get her drunk: her cats that keep reproducing.

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“I can’t, I have litters of cats.” At the RN group of the Assembly, the excuse of Marine Le Pen to skip the meetings which inflate it begins to be known. At the end of June, already, after the family photo of the 89 far-right elected officials in the main courtyard of the Palais Bourbon, the deputy from Pas-de-Calais had spun everything but the English way, trumpeting in front of the journalists that one of his felines is waiting for him to give birth.

At the beginning of September, after a big month of vacation, rebelote. At the start of the back-to-school meeting of the group’s vice-presidents, Sébastien Chenu clears his throat. “Marine will not be with us this morning, there was some happy news”, launched the deputy of the North. The boss’s relatives look at each other with a knowing air: they have already received the photo of the nine Bengal breed kittens that their president gave birth to the day before – she even passed a diploma for that – and obviously hastened to amaze.

“Not the meeting of the century”

But be careful, do not conclude that Marine Le Pen, who is also in the process of shedding the day-to-day management of her party, does not care about her group presidency. “He is very interested”the defendant Caroline Parmentier, her friend and colleague in the Assembly, who wishes to clarify: “She had no scope during the entire presidential election.”


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