Man, son and dog rescued at sea after engine failure

Dogs sometimes have sea legs. When the going gets tough, rescuers at sea risk their lives to save theirs, just like humans. This was successfully done by the RNLI rescue group from Berlin.

Sunday July 24, 2022, a father-son duo and their faithful 4-legged companion named Bowl crossed the bay of Dublin Fr Ireland when the engine of their boat suddenly stopped working.

The wind from the south was blowing hard that day. The ship was dangerously pushed towards the cliffs ofHowth Head near the lighthouse baily.

The informed skipper therefore launched a distress call at 1.40 p.m. Without waiting, the rescue group Howth RNLI a dispatched canoe and 7 rescuers.

15 minutes later, they reached the victims. “The owner of the boat in difficulty did the right thing by immediately contacting the coast guard”a spokesperson told DublinLive.

The 3 sailors were starting to panic

the coxswain Fred Connolly decided to take the trio aboard the lifeboat while his colleagues busied themselves with tying up the disabled boat.

To do this, he pulled the boat closer using a winch and thus hoisted the unfortunates to safety.

Once under the protection of the agents of the RNLI, the little family has grown. The black Labrador Retriever quietly settled down and waited quietly to be back on dry land.

Illustration of the article: A man, his son and his dog rescued at sea after engine failure

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“Our crew then established a tow line and we were able to drag the boat to Howth Harbour. We were delighted to be able to bring Billy and his owners safely ashore”an explanation Fred Connolly.

Everyone is doing wonderfully thanks to the bravery of the members of the RNLI which provides a 24-hour search and rescue service along the coasts of UK and some Republic of Ireland. Since the creation of RNLI in 1824, its rescuers assisted more than 142,700 people, including Bowl.


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