Macron and Poutine, announcements on wind power, France-Austria … The info to remember this afternoon

The info not to miss

Vladimir Putin’s speech, asking for a partial mobilization of the population, in order to swell the ranks of the offensive in Ukraine, – that is to say 300,000 reservists – continues to cause a stir. Demonstrations against this political choice continue: more than 1,300 people have been arrested in Russia since Wednesday. “Russia is in the process of isolating itself diplomatically”, denounced Emmanuel Macron on BFMTV on Thursday, castigating “this bellicose speech, this threat, which is intended to intimidate”.

Regarding the nuclear threat, also brandished by the Russian president, he evokes both “blackmail” and a “means of exerting pressure”. “In this context, our duty is to hold our line, that is to say to help Ukraine as in fact, to protect its territory, never to be able to attack Russia. We are not at war with Russia,” he continued.

What else to remember

  • Zelensky before the UN. The Ukrainian president spoke on Wednesday in a video shown before the UN General Assembly, which is currently being held in New York. “A crime has been committed against Ukraine and we demand a just punishment,” insisted Volodymyr Zelensky, targeting Russia. “Punishment for trying to steal our territory, punishment for the murders of thousands of people, punishment for the torture and humiliation of women and men,” he added.
  • Macron and wind power. This Thursday, the president inaugurates a park of 80 off-shore wind turbines off Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), and must make announcements in stride. But whether installed at sea or on land, wind power goes badly. The president himself has varied: at the start of the previous five-year term, he “had pushed hard for the development of onshore wind farms, before backtracking all in 2020, under pressure from local elected officials”, recalls a strategist.
  • France-Austria. For the return of the League of Nations, the Blues hope to recover this evening a team and a going to two months of the World Cup in Qatar. So sportingly diminished and weakened behind the scenes, can they? Without Pogba or Kanté, Didier Deschamps will have to find a plan B which could last until the World Cup.
  • False Covid test alert. A note from the police, which we reveal this Thursday, warns of the use of these documents to escape court summonses. These false tests reporting a Covid-19 infection, which offenders obtain on semi-freedom or on an electronic bracelet for only a few tens of euros, allow them to avoid appointments with the justice system.
  • Increase in supplementary pensions. According to our information, on November 1, 13 million retirees could count on an increase in their Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension of between 4.9 and 5.2%, according to projections. The final decision will be made on October 6.

it concerns you

A solution for those struggling to rent accommodation. Still little judged, “solidarity colocation” comes to the aid of disappointed tenants, by offering them a property at a knockdown price in vacant buildings. Associations and a company offer housing in empty homes or offices, before their work. In Île-de-France, where there are 400,000 unoccupied properties, they hope to generalize this practice.

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