Lyon, the second most dangerous city in France in terms of transport? The police mark the blow

The public transport police presented this Thursday, September 21 their actions in a TER in Lyon Part-Dieu after the publication of figures for delinquency in public transport in France. (©TZ / News Lyon)

The figures for delinquency in transport (buses, metros, trams, trains) in the metropolis of Lyon and the Rhône exploded in 2021 compared to those of 2020, which points to the subject of insecurity in Lyon.

As European Mobility Week draws to a close, the Rhône Departmental Public Security Directorate (DDSP) reacted by carrying out an operation open to the press to highlight police action in public transport of the Rhone.

Highlighted figures

The latest assessment of crime figures in Lyon transport, unveiled Thursday, September 15 by the Ministry of the Interior, makes the overwhelming observation of a metropolis where the situation is deteriorating significantly in 2021 compared to 2020, the year of Covid -19 with its confinements and traffic restrictions which had led to a drop in delinquency.

In France, 40% of crimes and offenses perpetrated in public transport. According to this report, Lyon becomes the second “most dangerous” city in France in terms of transport insecurity with 9,655 victims on the TCL and TER network (+45% in one year).

The SISTC is a police unit specializing in public transport operations.
The SISTC is a police unit specializing in public transport operations. (©TZ / News Lyon)

On the side of the prefecture, we note that the trend is much better for 2022 and that delinquency is falling over the first five months like this summer. The Rhône prefecture announced in June that crime on the Lyon public transport network has dropped by 22% since the start of the year.

A unit present continuously

To show these figures, the DDSP relies on the actions of its unit specializing in public transport operations.

This Wednesday, September 21, the police officers of the Public Transport Security Service (SISTC) climbed into the TER at 5:14 p.m. in the direction of Grenoble. After a patrol in the Lyon Part-Dieu station, the five agents go up to the platform.

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Police officers patrol the platforms, then the train until it arrives.
Police officers patrol the platforms, then the train until it arrives. (©TZ / News Lyon)

“All year round, the SISTC is in stations, trains, buses, metros and trams to secure passengers, in uniform or in civilian clothes. We cover all acts of incivility in the TER, from assaults to thefts. It’s a very popular service,” they explain.

The agents survey the corridors and are in contact with the staff of the SNCF, a partner like the TCL. Armed and “ready to intervene in the face of a belligerent individual”, they proceed to check a traveler.

On the occasion of European Mobility Week, the DDSP reports that “thefts without violence constitute the most characteristic attack of crime in public transport” with 80% of victims.

39% of respondents are aged 17 or under. Minors, but also adults aged 18 to 29 are particularly active age groups.

Rhone DDSP

It is specified that in 2020 in France, the number of sexual and sexist attacks amounts to 4.4 for 10 million trips. Most of this violence takes place in trains and TER, followed by the metro, bus and tram. Thefts are more frequent in buses and metros.

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