Lorraine The town of Homécourt ignites Hollywood, a tortoise, a cat and a parrot who mobilize citizens and help… Unusual miscellaneous facts of the week

A mystery plaque screwed to a bench in Place Stanislas in Nancy

Romanticism and audacity for this mystery plaque placed by a stranger on Place Stanislas Nancy. Photo ER/Mickael DEMEAUX

In Nancy, lovers are obviously not lacking in romanticism… or audacity! This mysterious yet charming message has been engraved and discreetly screwed onto the side of a Place Stanislas bench.

> Where does this plaque come from, what is the intended purpose and has the recipient received the message? Mystery…

An electricity bill of more than 15,000 euros, without any explanation

A resident of Millery is on the verge of despair. He received a bill for €15,484.65 including tax from his electricity supplier, TotalEnergies, plus another closing bill for €2,297.79! Photo emergencies

This inhabitant of Millery is on the verge of despair. On May 16, he received an invoice in his mailbox for the amount of €15,484.65 including tax, from his electricity supplier, TotalEnergies.

> This exorbitant sum was to be debited from his account on June 6.

A turtle blocks the access to the expressway, the police intervene

The turtle was evacuated from the roadway. Photo ER/Alain THIESSE

The sardine that blocked the port of Marseille? Everyone knows the expression. On the other hand, who has ever heard of the Nancy tortoise that blocked the access ramp to the M674 expressway? Not many people, with the exception of motorists who took this axis, this Thursday, June 9.

> Braking and honking, hazard warning lights… The presence of the reptile generated major disturbances until the police intervened.

Hollywood stars, NBA players… ”Homecourt” is on everyone’s lips in the United States!

Courteney Cox, 12 million followers on Instagram, promotes Homecourt. Photo DR/Instagram @courteneycoxofficial

From the actress of Friends Courteney Cox, to the interpreter of Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. passing by the basketball player of the Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown, the name of the city of Homécourt is on everyone’s lips in the United States.

> Starting point of history, a brand of household products and the NBA playoffs.

Cat in danger in a pipe, saved thanks to an incredible mobilization

All day Monday, volunteers from the La Case à Cat association, in Pont-à-Mousson, and Belledocats, from Blénod, took turns at the foot of the Gelot bridge, where a cat had been stuck in a pipe for several days. .

> After four days spent in a hole, and a mobilization of the whole city, the cat is out of trouble.

Hyper-vigilant neighbours, hideouts and wild videos… the case of the serial car scratcher

A scratch case took on the appearance of an assize trial before the Nancy court. Illustrative photo ER /Hugo SIMARD

No, answered the Nancy court, which acquitted a pensioner from Ludres suspected of having ruined the life of the family opposite by scratching their cars.

> A mind-boggling case where “wild” police videos, shots of the victim and the (too?) good profile of the suspect collide.

After 25 years of loyalty, his bank asks him to confirm his identity

Michel Mangel’s bank asks him to prove his identity and threatens to block his payments. Photo VM /Marion JACOB

A BNP client for 25 years, a retiree from Ban-de-Laveline, in the Vosges, finds himself in an ubiquitous situation. The bank asks him to confirm his identity but does not accept his card, which is too old, and does not take driving licenses.

> Without a solution, his payments will be blocked in a few weeks.

He travels 600 km by bike to find his grandmother in Belgium

Thomas Clause crossed all of Belgium by bike to reach the North Sea. Photo VM /Román BARTHE

Last May, Thomas Clause took advantage of his free time to embark on a 600 km bicycle journey. The Romarimontain thus crossed the Franco-Belgian border and reached the North Sea where his grandmother was waiting for him.

> Story of this adventure marked by good pedal strokes and beautiful encounters.

1,600 km in a US Jeep, from Creutzwald to the landing beaches: they did it!

René Karpisch and Alain Andres had the chance to circulate freely on the avenue des Champs-Élysées before the passage of a ministerial procession. Photo RD

René and Alain, cousins ​​​​in the city, have won their bet: reach the landing beaches in Normandy aboard two indestructible US Jeeps.

> Six days of adventure, 1,600 km, 0 breakdowns and memories galore!

When soldiers from the 1st Infantry Regiment of Sarrebourg do a “haka”, it moves!

The “haka” of the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Regiment, as part of the operation “With our wounded”, on the market square in Sarrebourg. Photo RL/Laurent Claude

Rugby lovers will be delighted. As part of the national operation “With our wounded”, soldiers from the 1st infantry regiment of Sarrebourg delivered a memorable “haka” on the Market Square, this Saturday, June 11.

> The All Blacks just have to watch out…

Charline, a runaway parrot, even taunts the Grimp’s expert firefighters!

Danielle Schuler, her owner, stayed up all night at the foot of a tree in the hope that Charline would come home. Photo RL /Laurent CLAUDE

She took off without warning Ibigny. As her owner was going to bring her to safety for the night, Charline, a 3-month-old female parrot, flew away and perched in a 25m high tree. Neither the firefighters nor the calls from its owners brought it down…

> It was only after 24 hours of negotiation that the young brazen conceded to go home…

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