Lorraine. The Sainte-Croix animal park announces the departure of several animals for “well-being” reasons

Minnie was only six years old when she died suddenly last April at the Sainte-Croix animal park. (©DR)

the animal park of Sainte-Croixlocated in Rhodes in Mosellemade the announcement on Facebook. Charlie, Swally and Shaman, members of the pack of black wolveshave quits places.

“After Minnie passed away […] Icoming of the black wolf pack was unfortunately compromise. The animal team has thought about the different solutions available to ensure the animal welfare, but also a future for each of them. UN leave to offer them a new life appeared as the best option “Can we read on social networks.

Arrival of Saïmaa, young wolf from Europe

Thus, Charlie and Shaman, companion and son of Minnie, go to a park where they will meet two females. Swally, she, “went to found her own pack in another park”.

If some visitors have expressed their sadness, the animal park of Sainte-Croix has announced that they could discover Saimaaa young love from Europea little over a year old.

But also, rollers of europe and loud stone curlewsrecently arrived.

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