Looking for a nice stuffed animal for your child? Here are the top 3 most affectionate dog breeds

Thinking of giving your child a four-legged playmate? Good idea, because the presence of a dog in your family is beneficial to him. Playing with animals helps your little one to exercise and take responsibility. Know that there are many breeds of dogs that are naturally affectionate, close to their masters and protective of toddlers. Discover the top 3 dogs that will show you all their love.

The German Shepherd, a loyal and compliant dog

Due to its impressive build, the German Shepherd is sometimes considered, wrongly, as an aggressive dog. However, it turns out to be very easy to train and particularly obedient and protective. Intelligent and gentle, he offers conditional love to all members of the household. Athletic, he likes to exercise, which is why he enjoys long walks. The German Shepherd loves to take care of his masters and will therefore take care of the grain with your children.

The Labrador, a real playmate

The Labrador has its place with the youngest. He is a very playful and full of energy dog, perfect for children. This robust-looking canine breed from Canada is a tireless playmate. The icing on the cake, the Labrador stands up easily, because it has a docile character. The dog has an affective personality and is therefore very gentle, ideal for a “cuddle” session with the children.

The Saint Bernard, a tender companion

Naturally kind, the Saint Bernard takes pleasure in supervising young children to ensure their well-being. For good reason, this big teddy bear is overflowing with affection for his family! This breed of dog is recommended for households with very young children. Extremely patient, he knows how to be calm with little ones who want to cuddle him. The Saint Bernard loves hugs and signs of tenderness. He is a tender companion who makes it his mission to protect his loved ones and comfort them.

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