Longoria defused the locker room sling against Igor Tudor

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If OM have experienced some turbulence in recent days with the rebellion of certain locker room executives (Dimitri Payet at the head of the procession) against new coach Igor Tudor, it seems that President Pablo Longoria has perfectly succeeded in calming things down and defending his Croatian bet against initially skeptical players.

Provence tells us this morning that the discussion between the Olympian executives and Igor Tudor took place “in an atmosphere of calm” on Tuesday evening for more than 1 hour 20 minutes (including a video analysis part!). On this occasion, Pablo Longoria was able to find the words to remind the players of “the importance of the collective and the requirements of a club like OM”.

Enough to put an end to the problems after a late transfer window and a disastrous friendlies campaign? We have to hope because OM are already back in official competition this Sunday evening (8:45 p.m.) against Reims at the Vélodrome. An opponent who often gave him trouble when he was faced early in the season…

Longoria arbitrated the Tudor case at OM

If some players tried to head Igor Tudor at OM, Pablo Longoria managed to calm things down and get some credit for his Croatian technician. This Tuesday’s meeting between the executives and the new coach calmed things down…

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