London Zoo swaps a crocodile for a bag to warn of endangered animals

In an enclosure where a Siamese crocodile, a critically endangered species of reptile, should be found, the London Zoo has placed a crocodile bag. A strong signal on the importance of conservation.

Have you ever seen a Siamese crocodile? This may soon no longer be possible at all. This endemic species of Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, or even Indonesia is becoming increasingly rare and is now close to extinction. To warn of this threat, the London Zoo has made a bold choice.

London Zoo replaces rare crocodile with exotic skin bag

In an enclosure intended to present a Siamese crocodile, the institution has placed a handbag made of exotic reptile skin. Something to appeal to many people, including a tweeter who posted a photo of it that went viral on August 1, 2022:

“London Zoo is not joking” Twitter screenshot.

This is part of a whole policy of this place which represents the oldest scientific museum in the worldreport the media My London August 2, 2022:

“It appears London Zoo is taking drastic measures to educate people about endangered animals and why they might be killed. If an animal is listed as critically endangered, it means the species is considered to face an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. »

Thus materialized in such a striking way, the extinction of crocodiles because of the human threat appears more concretely…

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Feature photo credit: nattanan726 for GettyImages via Canva; Twitter screenshot.

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