Loire-Atlantique: after a quarter of an hour of play with the girl, the dog bites her face

According to the court, the puppy’s owner acted recklessly. ©PxHere illustration

On Wednesday September 14, 2022, the Saint-Nazaire Criminal Court ruled on the owner of a dog following a bite that the latter lost to a six-year-old girl, at Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef (Loire Atlantique)

The weather is nice on July 11, 2020. Families are seated on the terrace of a bar, and a customer has tied her dog to the table.

The animal is sitting on the sand. Or, there is a municipal decree prohibiting access to the beach to the canine species.

A six-year-old girl, who has a dog herself, plays with the Malinois cross Rottweiler six months and everything is going well.

Seven stitches

His dad talks with the owner of the animal. But, while the latter is walking in the water with her friends, the little girl is bitten in the face. His wound, near the eye, will require seven stitches.

In court, the owner explains: “We were at the edge of the beach, the child asked to play with the dog and the bite took place about a quarter of an hour later. The parents and I had a good relationship, but they followed the advice received at the hospital, that is to say to file a complaint, because we do not know what will happen next. »

Faced with “this regrettable accident”, the prosecutor noted “a negligence, recklessness” on the part of the 30-year-old: “The dog should not have been there and the defendant should not have left him to go put his feet in the water . »

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The young woman was sentenced to a fine of 500 € suspended.

It will have to pay the parents, absent at the hearing, €100 for their aesthetic damage and €200 for their moral damage.

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