local residents opposed to the presence of a circus with wild animals

The circus installed for a few days welcomes in particular tigers and hippopotamuses. Some residents of the town point to abuse of these animals.

The Muller circus has put down its suitcases at the entrance to Forcalquier, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, for a few days. An arrival that did not happen discreetly.

The inhabitants denounce today the presence of wild animals within the structure.

“Animals don’t have to be treated like this”

Tigers, hippopotamuses… So many animals which, for local residents, have nothing to do with a circus. “I am surprised that in 2022 we are still rejoicing that there are animals in cages”, declares a resident at the microphone of BFM DICI.

“Circuses were a time when we didn’t yet have a conscience. Most humans have raised their conscience and opened up to the fact that animals don’t have to be treated like that.”

Some residents also denounce abuse. Contacted by BFM DICI, the structure nevertheless ensures that it establishes strict rules and respects precise specifications, and affirms that there is no animal abuse.

For its part, the town hall of Forcalquier declared on social networks that it could not do anything about this situation, since the presence of the circus, installed on private land, does not come under “an authorization from the City, but of prefectural approval.”

Recurring accusations

This is not the first time that the Muller circus has found itself at the heart of such a controversy. Many cities where the structure has stopped in recent months refuse the presence of a circus with wild animals.

In Marseille, the mayor of the city, Benoît Payan, had even announced that he had to take legal action against the circus for animal abuse. A request collecting more than 47,000 signatures had circulated to oppose the coming of the circus.

The circus defended itself by saying that keeping an animal in a cage did not necessarily mean that it was being mistreated. The head of the circus denounced a “relentlessness” of the Marseille municipality.

Barbara Tornambé with Laurène Rocheteau

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