Crohn’s disease is one of the most well-known chronic diseases. The latter results in a disorder of the digestive system. Despite the fact that the diagnosis is complicated to make, the symptoms are numerous and quite painful. This can result in pain abs with spasms and burns with pains similar to that of appendicitis. There may also be reduction, anal pain as well as loss of appetite and of vomiting.

It is a disease that sufferers must to watch. And for good reason, in children and adolescents, it can cause growth retardation and puberty. But in adults, this is not without consequences either since colon and intestinal cancer can appear. And despite the different treatments that may exist, some are still underestimated. Indeed, it is no longer a secret for anyone, but pets have a real impact on the well-being of the people they surround.

Dogs, factors of well-being

And of course, Crohn’s disease is no exception. A recent study by Williams Turpin’s team of Mount Sinai Hospital as well as the University of Toronto on May 23, 2022 explains that living with a dog would have protection against Crohn’s disease. This is explained that said disease is an IBD, namely a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. This is revealed by “an inflammation of the wall of part of the digestive tract, due to a dysregulation of the intestinal immune system”. The university therefore conducted a study on 4300 relatives of patients and the presence of the dog in the home would thus reduce the risk for children of development Crohn’s disease : “Dog owners live more frequently in a green environment which has already been associated with prevention against Crohn’s disease” explains the study. This observation has so far been made only with and not with the cats. Additional studies will therefore be carried out in the years to come to try to find out a little more.

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