LIVE – Insecurity: Macron will “never make an existential link between immigration and insecurity”

“A more violent society”: Macron calls for “pacifying our society”

Without taking up the expression “wildness” used by Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, Emmanuel Macron judges that “society is more violent”.

“We must pacify our society”, assures the President of the Republic, saying he wants to “continue to invest” in the police and justice.

Insecurity: Macron argues that “half of crime comes from foreigners” in Paris

Emmanuel Macron returned to the link that part of the political class makes between immigration and delinquency.

“Yes, when we look at delinquency in Paris, we can see that half of the delinquency acts come from foreigners in an irregular situation or awaiting a title”, advances the president.

Insecurity: Macron will “never make an existential link between immigration and insecurity”

“I will never make an existential link between immigration and insecurity”, advances Emmanuel Macron, ten years after the murder of Lola, a teenager killed by a woman in an irregular situation.

Immigration: Macron wants to “in-depth reform” the rules

Emmanuel Macron wants to launch a “debate in Parliament on immigration”.

“We must reform our laws in depth to be able to better welcome those we want to welcome and to be able to accompany them to their country more quickly” the others, advances the President of the Republic.

To solve the crisis of medical deserts, Macron announces that retired doctors could continue to work

The president wants to involve retired doctors in an attempt to resolve the issue of medical deserts.

“All doctors who are retiring: we will allow them to retire, but to continue working afterwards, we will allow them to combine salaries and full pensions”, advances the Head of State.

After Macron’s details on pension reform, Panot accuses him of having “the 19th century as the only horizon”

Emmanuel Macron has clarified the contours of his pension reform, which should lead to the shift of the legal age to 65 in 2031.

“Austerity cure and retirement at 65. Macron is back to the future: the 19th century as the only horizon”, judge Mathilde Panot, the patron saint of rebellious deputies on Twitter.

“Cynicism, disorder, it’s you”: after Macron’s attacks, Mélenchon responds to him

Emmanuel Macron denounced “the cynicism” and “the disorder” of the left “hand in hand” with the RN.

“The cynicism, the disorder, it’s you, Mr. Macron. Your rage unmasks you. You’re just counting on the larbinization of the LRs to keep you in power”, advances Jean-Luc Mélenchon on his Twitter account.

“Why am I going to tie my hands today?” : Macron refuses to consider the dissolution of the National Assembly

Emmanuel Macron had privately indicated that he could dissolve the National Assembly if it failed to pass the pension reform next January. When questioned, he was finally kicked into touch.

“But why will I tie my hands today? The President of the Republic has instruments in his possession, dissolution is one of them. And fortunately. 49.3, dissolution, the referendum are instruments in the hands of the president”, explains the president.

National Assembly: Macron thinks his government “can work with LR parliamentarians”

LR deputies did not vote on the motions of censure on Monday – a gesture clearly appreciated by Emmanuel Macron.

“So they sent a clear message which is that they are not ready to do anything to block the government. So I think we can work with these parliamentarians on several reforms such as pensions, renewable energies and the nuclear”, judge the president.

“It’s cynicism and disorder”: Macron rebukes the Nupes, after the vote of his motion of censure with the voices of the RN

Emmanuel Macron shot his arrows against the Nupes, after his motion of censure was voted with the votes of the RN.

“What made me angry was the cynicism and the disorder. They proved that they were ready to go hand in hand with the RN while there is war in Europe”, advances the President.

“Do you think that a compatriot who voted for an ecologist deputy asked him to carry a motion of censure?”, He still wondered, denouncing “the baroque coalition of Nupes”.

Pensions: it can be taken from “65 years old by 2031”, specifies Emmanuel Macron

The president returns to the contours of the future pension reform.

“We will pass by 2031 at 65 years old”, advances Emmanuel Macron.

“If we do not carry out a reform today, either you increase pension contributions or you lower pensions (…) There is only one way to do it: if we live longer, it is to work longer,” he added.

Macron confirms that the pension reform will apply to “summer 2023” with “4 months of work per year” in addition

Emmanuel Macron returned to the future pension reform.

“From the summer of 2023, we will have to shift the legal age of departure by four months per year. So by 2025 we will go to 63 years old, by 2028 to 64 years old and by 2031 to 65 years old”, confirms the President.

Unemployment: Emmanuel Macron wants to increase it from “7% to 5%” of the active population

Emmanuel Macron wants to lower the unemployment figures by reducing it “from 7 to 5%” of the active population.

49.3 on the budget: the government “was right”, judge Emmanuel Macron, by avoiding “several billions of expenses”

The government “was right” to activate 49.3 to have the budget adopted because “it stopped several billions of expenditures at a loss of little use” places of opposition “which were sometimes in demagoguery”, explains Emmanuel Macron.

“It’s not up to the state to ask for it”: Macron evokes the “legitimate debate” of the increase in wages but refuses that it is compulsory

While the left calls for higher wages, Emmanuel Macron closes the door to any regulation in this area.

“The sharing of value is a legitimate and necessary debate. But what I’m telling you is that it’s not up to the state to say it,” explains the president.

“You have at this very moment small businesses which are in difficult sectors losing money, and if I tell them that wages must be increased, they will not succeed”, further advances the head of the company. ‘ ‘State.

Macron wants to “defend France of work and merit” and refuse to index wages to inflation

After the testimony of French people in difficulty in the face of rising prices, Emmanuel Macron gives his analysis.

“I believe in the France of work and merit. (…). The solution is not to reindex wages on the increase”, advances the president.

More information here.

Emmanuel Macron announces “a maximum increase of 15%” in energy prices for companies

The president will expand the system that will apply to households from 2023 on the 15% cap on electricity and gas prices.

“For very small businesses, they will have the same aid as households, with a maximum increase of 15%. On small and medium-sized businesses, but also on very small businesses that consume a lot of gas and electricity such as bakeries , we are going to put in place a damping mechanism”, explains the president.

Student precariousness: Macron will “expand meals to one euro”

Food aid for students has risen sharply in recent months.

“We are going to strengthen our systems for our students, as during the Covid crisis. We are going to expand the meals to one euro”, announced Emmanuel Macron

Faced with the rise in the price of gasoline, Macron evokes “reimbursements” of fuel for “big rollers”

Emmanuel Macron returns to the rise in gasoline prices.

“These increases are a tax from outside, it is not the consequence of the government. We have already paid off and we will continue to pay off. It’s hard, we have to hold on, and the state will take its share “, advances the president.

“On fuels, there will be mechanics on large rollers, with refunds”, still indicates the tenant of the Élysée.

Without a cap on gas and electricity prices, “it would be a 100% increase”, says Emmanuel Macron

The president defended capping gas and electricity prices at 15% in 2023.

“Without this device, it would be a 100% increase like with many of our neighbors”, advances the head of state.

“We are going through a crisis”: faced with inflation, Macron wants to “protect the weakest”

Emmanuel Macron begins by drawing a picture of the economic and social situation.

“We are going through a crisis (…). We have to weather this storm and we have to protect the weakest”, explains the president.

Emmanuel Macron’s interview begins

Emmanuel Macron is interviewed this evening on France 2. He will notably talk about inflation, pensions, and security.

After Buzyn’s accusations on the Covid-19, Véran refuses to make “the commentary of the commentary”

Olivier Véran kicked into touch after the declarations of Agnès Buzyn. In an interview with the newspaper The worldthe former Minister of Health claims to have taken the threat of Covid-19 seriously early on and alerted the executive, without perhaps a return from Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe.

“I will not comment commentary,” said the government spokesman on Wednesday afternoon.

We tell you the explanations of Agnès Buzyn here.

Motions of censorship: Véran accuses the left of having gone “from the Popular Front to the populist front”

Olivier Véran accused the left on Wednesday of having passed “from the Popular Front to the populist front”, after the vote by the deputies of the National Rally of the motion of censure presented by the left alliance Nupes against the government.

“Léon Blum must be rolling over in his grave”, retorted the government spokesman during his weekly press briefing.

If you have not followed the controversy, after the rejection of the motion of censure of the Nupes, voted with the votes of the Nupes, read our article here.

“He has to revive”: Does Emmanuel Macron have the blues?

Deprived of an absolute majority and the prospect of re-election, the President of the Republic seems to be more concerned with international affairs than with internal affairs since the start of his five-year term. This situation worries the top of the state.

“He has always had the habit of making the most difficult challenges exhilarating, and there… Even the sobriety plan, we could have presented that as a chance to make the ecological shift. (…) There we present it as a depressed Churchill”, blows a member of his entourage.

We tell you everything here.

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