[Live] Alice Animal at the Soutine space

On June 2, the Chartresian singer and guitarist Alice Pet has chosen to start its “Tandem tour” at home. New rhythm section, new titles still unreleased and always this passion and this virtuosity without emphasis!

“Gaby oh Gaby » passes sotto voce in the background and atmosphere of the hall of the Soutine space. Should we see a nod to Boris Bergman? Alain Bashung’s historical lyricist has just offered her “Des riffs et des roses”, an unreleased piece of which she will give us the scoop. Corn Alice Pet a beautiful being too “beautiful as a firecracker awaiting more than a match”, it is the singer-songwriter and the guitarist who accompanies big names such as Kent or Batlik, who is expected that evening. With all due respect to the two “slightly sexist sexas” who drop a ” it begins well seeing her enter with her two musicians… It is true that the white and black dress she chose that evening suits her perfectly and also recognizes that the girlz power trio formula is indeed sensible and above all more how welcome. Even if the recent position prize of Lola Frichet of Pogo Crash Control – her “More Women on Stage” clearly visible on her bass – has aroused the interest and the relay of our colleagues from Longue d’Ondes, the rockers are still not not legion on the stages of France and Navarre. That evening was the big live premiere for Marine Danet and Laëza Massa – bassist and drummer respectively – with Alice Animal. “Hair in your eyes, glitter in your hands and a fiery energy to share” she wrote on Facebook after the concert.

Even before the first track begins, a haunting layer of synths, followed by cymbal strikes in counterpoint invades the sound space. An intro for “Tandem”, the standard of Alice Animal. At the stage of the other titles of his first album, he gains in intensity and energy live. “We are baroque” she sings. We can only agree with her! Even if we realize it by listening to her recordings, her rock side is exposed and explodes when we see her become one with her guitars. His solos, sometimes sensual, deliberately fleshy, blend naturally into the melodies without ever interfering with them; they even give like a scent of dynamite to “Tes éléphants roses” or “Bad boy”, songs already well innervated at the base.

Among the unreleased songs she offered us, we will remember the almost African tempo “Du riff et des roses”, which surprised and seduced us. As much as the tribute to Kent in the intro of “On n’a qu’une vie”. A text written by the ex-singer of Starshooter; ” I met a super human Kent and we sis looser she confides. After this surge of riffs, punctuated by two or three calmer pieces performed solo, this first concert of the tour ends gently. During the encore, all three give us a nice version of “Sunday does not exist” – one of the last ones – a capella and in “body” percussion mode. It was so cool to end with your “Life Flows”, dear Alice. And that goes without saying, but we are going to make it clear all the same; if the Tandem Tour passes by your house, don’t hesitate, ride it with her!

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