LIVE – 2022 legislative results: Ministers Véran, Guerini, Beaune and Attal elected, de Montchalin beaten

This weekend, in the company of activists in an internet chat room, Jean-Luc Mélenchon summarizes: “We are only 285 seats short of the 289 and, with 406 second rounds, it is clearly playable!” His voice is cheerful, motivated as on the eve of a presidential election. He mocks those who deem him incapable of accessing the “Prime”. Mélenchon likes this word from French-speaking Africa to qualify the office of prime minister. In a playful tone, he jokes about Emmanuel Macron, who left for kyiv on Thursday. “The guy, he got the hell out two days before such a Decisive election! In fact, it was a formality, so he had planned his visit a long time ago. Bad luck for them, they fell on us…”

In the courtyard of a school of the 5e constituency of Paris, which he should take, the national secretary of ecologists, Julien Bayou, is also ironic. “Dear members of the government, hydrate yourselves, drink cool, we are coming!“Above all, do not give the feeling that the clear hostility of their opponents can affect them. On Friday, next to Mélenchon for a final heat wave-themed campaign, Bayou said the goal: “Faced with insults, we want to give an image of calm, coherence, lucidity…»

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