Limousin breeders campaign for polled cows

For several years, eight breeders from Haute-Loire created the Sans Cornes des Sommets association to promote the birth of hornless limousines through natural crossbreeding.

Thursday, for the sixth year, a competition and an auction were organized on a farm in La Chapelle d’Aurec. On this occasion, Superbe P, by Alain Valleix from Puy-de-Dôme, was elected heifer of the year. And Soleil, from GAEC Montaigut de Villedieu in Cantal, received the first prize for male of the year and the best animal in the competition.

Irregular horns on the limo

Sans Cornes des Sommets is an association that brings together eight limousine breeders from Haute-Loire. They campaign for hornless cows. “We crossed two breeds, the limousine and the angus which is naturally polled,” says Nicolas Peyrard, breeder in Saint-Romain-Lachalm. “We are not particularly attached to the horns, unlike Aubrac and Salers breeders. And the horns of the limousine are often more irregular.”

Angus, Herford…

Besides the angus, the herdford breed is also naturally polled and can give birth to calves without horns.

The breeder recalls that in France, on a historically selected horned breeds for work. But worldwide, 70% of breeds are polled. “Cows can fight inside and get hurt. It’s also very dangerous for the breeder. A single blow of the horn can be enough”, Nicolas Peyrard further argues.

An international auction

Cédric Sagnal, from Saint-Germain-Laprade, is the president of Sans Cornes des Sommets. “It’s about explaining so people understand. And dehorning is a technique that’s not good enough for animal welfare.”

Thursday, after the competition, an auction provided buyers from France and around the world, Hungarians, Spaniards, Italians, Luxembourgers. “9 countries are represented, on site or remotely”, indicates the president of the union.


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